Tuesday, July 21


After a long wait, Shameel has come up with new poetry book O Miyan, being hailed as watershed book as far as the growth of new Punjabi poetry is concerned. Though Punjabi poetry started showing new trends of thought and expression in the early years of this century, this is the first book which clearly defines the new face of Punjabi poetry. This is poetry of cosmic consciousness, different colours of divine love, philosophical questions and quest for beyond written in a refreshingly contemporary idiom. Here is one of his poems translated by Jatinder Preet

He sends every Being

With a locked heart

And leaves it's password

With someone, only One

And then

He gets them to play a game

People call it love.

One whose password is found

Is liberated

Rest keep wandering
Keep on taking births
To find their passwords

You can listen to the footsteps

Of the One, who has your password
From afar

Thousands of colourful birds
In the universe of body
Start chirping
When you come to know of his arrival

Before he arrives
His invisible being comes to you
That can be seen by birds

That One
Remains with you forever
Like spirit in body
Like sweetness in words
Like moisture in eyes

This One has mathematics of its own
Your One added with it
Doesn’t make it Two
Like zero added to a zero
Infinite with infinite

This One
Is never lost
Lives forever
Like a memory in mind
Like relaxation in the body
Like mother tongue in your voice
Like the grind of breath