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Punjab Panorama

Agrarian Crisis in Punjab: Groping in Dark
The story of agriculture in modern Punjab is remarkable for its complex plot. Still unfolding, the story has all the ingredients that make it hard for the main actors in the story to shape up the desired climax. Punjab Panorama pieces together different sub-plots of the story.
The cover storty includes a profile of a farmer, Jeeva Singh, who is a miracle in the pesticide-doused fields, crop failures and farmer suicides of the cotton belt. Jeeva Singh does farming the old fashioned way- with hands. In sharp contrast are Sanghas whose profile is the stuff of ?success? stories of Punjab agriculture. The profile of family of Mohinder Singh, whose two sons committed suicide, is a reality-check.
Punjab Farmers' commission's recipe for renewal of agriculture in Punjab and PAU Vice Chancellor's roadmap for salvation are other highlights. Devinder Sharma writes about clueless government as villages go for sale. Peter Rosset's is an interesting case study of Cuba, which has shown that alternative agriculture can work, albeit in a controlled situation. Excerpts from Dr. Vandana Shiva's Violence of Green Revolution and Amartya Sen's The Argumentative Indian complete the story.

The Mar-Apr issue includes

Real Punjabi Cinema
Bhagat Singh: Man and the Symbol Balram
Restore Individual Dignity Ranjit Singh Gill
Equal but not Same Dalip K. Tiwana

Facts 'N' Figures

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