Friday, December 2

Punjab's Downward Spiral Continues

In a continuous downward spiral for Punjab, now comes the report that Punjab's share in national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has fallen from 3.31 pc. in 2001-2002 to 3.14 pc. in 2003-2004. The information was given in a reply to a starred question in the Rajya Sabha, reported The Indian Express.
Delhi and Haryana are the only two states which has shown constant upward progress during the past three years. The share of GDP of Haryana in the national GDP has grown from 2.77 pc. to 2.80 pc in the corresponding period whereas the share of Delhi has gone up from 3.21 pc. to 3.34 pc.
Maharashtara leads with a share of 13.29 pc in the national GDP following by West Bengal with 7.40 pc. UP contributes with 8.17 pc. and Gujarat with 7.27 pc.

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