Tuesday, March 13

Modi at Bhagat Singh's Memorial

Picture this! Narinder Modi lecturing at the memorial of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev at Hussainiwala as Murari Bapu waits in the background to begin his Ram Katha.
For those of you in whom this has elicited any reaction akin to dismay or shock, let me tell you it didn’t matter to the Punjabis reveling in the poll carnival. It went unchallenged. Well, almost. Prof. Jagmohan Singh, who happens to be nephew of the martyr, alongwith Satpal Baghi, Hussainiwala Martyrs Memorial Trust and freedom fighter Hazara Singh submitted a memorandum to the Commissioner of Ferozepur Division who happens to be chairman of the Trust protesting this. It didn’t matter to him.
Here are some excerpts from the memorandum alleging “Violation of Sanctity of Samadhi of Martyrs Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru by allowing Ram Katha by Mr. Murari Bapu.”
It has been shocking to know that sanctity of the SAMADHI of Martyrs has been blasphemed by violating the tradition which has been followed for the last 75 years.
These martyrs earned a distinguished place , not only in the hearts of the people of Indian subcontinent but the world over because of their crystal clear and inspiring ideas.
Shahid Sukhdev, in 1931 from his “phansi Kothri” wrote a very significant letter, in which he stated “Brother, I may tell you the truth, we are not only being hanged by British Government, but our voice is being chocked by so called leaders who do not want our voice to be heard by people. The killing by British would not prove damaging to us, and it will be tolerated as we understand them. But we can not tolerate the confusion / suppression of our views by so called high class leaders. We must fight against this.“ Shahid Sukhdev further reiterated at the end of this letter the following message: “ Important- We are not worried of dying . The most painful is the suppression of our voice.”
The sacred duty of the Hussainiwala Martyrs Memorial Trust is not only to maintain sanctity of this place as has been for the last 75 years but to keep readily available the original writings of the Martyrs. But alas by this act of allowing this Katha to take place there a blunder has been committed.
Kindly give your attention to the following to understand how much damage is being caused to Martyrs memory.
Mr Murari Bapu is a controversial person with hidden motives. The following statement as published in “Organiser”, the official organ of RSS in the issue of June 5,2005 makes it clear.
It first states,” Hinduism has never been offensive”, to make it so the programme is elaborated as follows “ Presently the custodians of Hindu religion has been at two levels. The first level comprises of priests who perfom puja , arti and other religious ceremonies while the second level is that of saints like Murari Bapu, Sri Sri Ravisankar etc.”
Mr Murari Bapu has been instrumental to initiate unconstitutional controversies and had been creating social tensions in various places. One latest example has been reported by news papers. The “Organiser” has to say this, in its issue of 5th feb, 2006, referring to tension at Dang (Gujrat), where local Adavasi are objecting to planting a temple at their place. Mr. Mohan Joshi of Vishav Hindu Prashid has come out with truth about the process followed in such cases. He is quoted as saying, “A Katha was delivered by noted Saint Murari Bapu at the same place about two years back and the decision to construct a temple was taken with his inspiration.”
This will make it aptly clear that what wrong has been done to the ideals of the Martyrs and the common heritage of India, in allowing him to preach Ram Katha at the SAMADHI.
-Jatinder Preet


Arasu Balraj said...

Dear comrade
It's really shocking and it's sad that the quote of Sukhdev is true even today.Well, in my opinion there is no point in fighting against Murari Bapu by legal means.It will be time-taking and no purpose will be solved.Instead We should organise series of public meetings and rallies all over Punjab and demand for an apology from the Idiot Murari.It is by means of that struggles we can expose, pressurize the enemy and at the same time get the ideas of Bhagat singh to the people.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed very shocking, but this is not the first endeavor to distort the message of the great Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh is an outstanding personality who lived beyond his natural life due to his ideological stance and consistant struggle. Fearing the repercussions of the movement that Bhagat and his comrades initiated, the ruling classes and reactionary elements of India and Pakistan have made numerous attempts to disfigure them. Here in Pakistan, there is just no good place for a non-muslim in the text books of History. On the other side of the border, Bhagat's head is covered again by the Sikh turban in order to divorce him from his definite political positions. During the 1980s, The Khalistani fascists tried to depict Bhagat Singh as a Sikh nationalist.
At this juncture the warning of Shaheed Sukhdev is very suggestive. It is the responsibility of all the progressive freedom loving people to promote the essential message of Bhagat Singh in order to safeguard his legacy.

With Regards,