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Heroes & Villains

The Weekly Outlook in its special issue India at 60 assembled a list of 60 people to represent sixty years of the Republic as its heroes. It duly mentions hockey great Balbir Singh, writer Khushwant Singh, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Raj Kapoor among these. But for anyone looking for Punjab connection its not the inclusion of these four that makes the list interesting, it’s the list of villains. It includes Bhinderawala along with the assassins of Indira Gandhi as well as HKL Bhagat, Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler.
Manmohan Singh
The Post-Gandhian
He is more than just the architect of India’s economic reforms. In an era of corruption, his personal life is above reproach. In a time of intellectual bankruptcy, he tries hard to make ideas fashionable. In a period of bitterly polarised positions, he stands for consensus.

Balbir Singh
Magic Stick
He symbolises the Golden Age of Indian hockey. As centre-forward, he was part of the team that won Olympic Golds in 1948, 1952 and 1956, and Asian Games Silvers in 1958 and 1962. He was also an inspired coach, who took India to World Cup victory in ’75.

Raj Kapoor
Independent India’s first film icon, this consummate showman’s appeal captured audiences from China and Moscow to Cairo and Timbuktu—his cultural diplomacy for India was unparalleled. In the ’50s and ’60s, his roles projected a sense of idealism, hope and confidence, and the dream of bridging social, economic and political inequalities, something that struck a special chord in the newly independent nation.

Khushwant Singh
A pioneering historian of the Sikhs, the author of a fine novel about Partition, editor, memoirist, columnist and political naif, he is a man of many parts, but he’s here as the writer who invented himself: the hard-drinking, wise-cracking, godless sardar taking on hypocrisy.


Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale
He's a reminder of how quests for religious purity can turn rabid. He emerged in the 1970s as a preacher seeking to reform the Sikhs who, swayed by prosperity and modernity, had taken to drugs and clipping their beards. This 'holy quest' inspired him to target the Nirankari sect, whom he considered untrue Sikhs, earning himself a huge following overnight. Emboldened, Bhindranwale hijacked Punjab's autonomy movement, subsequently piloting it on a flight to Khalistan. He ordered killings of Hindus as well as of Sikhs who opposed him. The nightmare lingered even after he died in Operation Bluestar in June 1984.

Beant Singh and Satwant Singh
When Indira Gandhi stepped out of her 1, Safdarjung Road residence on October 31, 1984, her scheduled appointment with British actor-director Peter Ustinov turned into a tryst with death. As she approached the wicket gate connecting her home to her 1, Akbar Road office, Beant Singh and Satwant Singh opened fire.Ustinov, years later, said, "What struck me as almost incredible was the activity of squirrels and vultures in the garden. They went on through the whole unpleasant business without interruption." But India was never the same. Indira's assassination prompted vast changes in the security architecture: its structure became mammoth, the vetting of security guards on VIP duty an elaborate, complex—even communal—exercise.

HKL Bhagat, Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler
They are the Congress party triad accused of fomenting the grisly 1984 Delhi riots, during which helpless Sikhs were set upon by bloodthirsty mobs aiming to avenge the assassination of Indira Gandhi. One inquiry commission after another—the last being the Nanavati Commission—has found evidence of their complicity in what was, like the Gujarat riots, a veritable pogrom. But all the 'credible evidence' couldn't nail the trinity in any court, revealing the Indian state's propensity to align with communalism. Writer Khushwant Singh said about those days, "I felt like a refugee in my country. In fact, I felt like a Jew in Nazi Germany."


Nature Lover, God Lover! said...

Well Done!

Mozilla Firefox said...

Bhindrawale is not villian , He is a HERO
u will be hacked if u dont change this info

Anonymous said...

Discuss here

jaypee said...

Dear Lucky
If bhinderawala is not villain then u'll have to check dictionary what 'villain' means

jaypee said...

Dear Lucky
If bhinderawala is not villain then u'll have to check dictionary what 'villain' means

Anonymous said...

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji is definitely not a villain!!!!!!!!
You post this site: heroes & villains, bbut you don't even know the true story or anything about Sant Ji!

Anonymous said...

This authour of this site has probably never been to Punjab, so he/ she will never know.Go to this website to know the REAL STORY!

Anonymous said...

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale never once spoke of Khalistan and it was never the goal. This was propaganda spewed out to the rest of the world from the indian government in order to make Sikhs lose global support. Hence the media black-out. Secondly the goal was to obtain only what was promised to us from mahatma gandhi and neru, the first prime minister. 1947 passed and all promises were forgotten by the snakes while the Sikhs kept their end of the deal. The same government who slaughtered more than 20 thousand Sikhs is still in power, still spitting propaganda... Waheguru.

sumit said...

bhindera wala is super hero. we r proud of biant singh and all sikhs who are aware bout there existence.

Unknown said...
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jagminder kang said...

I pity your poor knowledge of Punjab, if you call bhindranwale a terrorist. Remember , the british called Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighters terrorists. IF Bhagat Singh was a terrorist, why do you have martyrdom day in his remembrance? It was convenient for them to label him a terrorist, as is convenient for Indian government to label bhindranwale a terrorist.IF bhindranwale is labelled as terrorist , it makes it easy for indian government to justify its ruthless killing of sikhs , and demolition of Gurudwaras. As of killing hindus, bhindrawale was only a vocal about that, but the actual killings were done by congress agencies to discredit sikhs. this is a proven fact, suppressed by government. I encourage you to read more about Sikh politics and religion of 20th century. YOU will KNOW why actual culprit is Congress.