Tuesday, August 9

Jutsice for 84 : Is It Too Much To Ask?


The manner in which the Nanavati Commission's report has been handled by the Government only goes to show how our own elected leaders are unconcerned about our pain.
As an aftermath of Indira Gandhi's assassination Sikhs all over the country were looted and killed. Death stalked the streets and many innocent lives were lost in this madness. The Congress government role in these riots is also not hidden. The proofs for Congress's direct hand in instigating the riots or that of any of its local or senior leaders may have got lost in the technical tango but the fact that the Government took its own sweet time in controlling the madness is there for all to see. It is the duty of the state to protect its citizen, which in cases of riots and other calamities simply goes for a sixer.
People have been hurt their pain lives on and this pain has to be addressed. Should Tytler be hanged or Sajjan Kumar shot at a choraha are simply no solutions to this pain. The Congress has a Sikh prime minister and the party should apologise for its leaders for the 1984 riots. It is sad that the man on the street doesn?t even get that let alone Justice. There are no comparisons there are no similarities. If BJP got away with Gujarat Riots and the Congress wants justice for the Gujarat victims, it can't get away with 1984 riots. It is the moral duty of the Congress leadership to see that at least people like Tytler who have been pinned by the Nanavati Commission do not flaunt themselves as our ministers. This is the least that the Government can do to ease the pain of the 1984 riot victims.
Is it too much to ask?

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