Monday, August 29

Ugly Face of Punjab Police


The so-called arrest of Indian Express' special correspondent Gautam Dheer by the Punjab Police officer Sumedh Singh Saini once again shows the ugly face of this force. And all this when our own elected chief minister went a big way out to get S S Virk posted as the DGP Punjab. Saini and a host of other such officers are men close to Virk. When our own elected leaders put the lives of common man in the hands of people like Virk and Saini only God can save us.
It is Gautam Dheer this time, who has a backing of a special kind of people. But then who will save the common man from the clutches such officials. Think of the people who have lodged complaints against Sumedh Singh Saini, the common people on street.
Can any one forget the atrocities that this group of Punjab Police officials unleashed on the aam admi of Punjab in the name of eradicating terrorism from the state.
It is time to sit up and think what kind of punishment should be earmarked for those like Sumedh Singh Saini.

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